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Entrepreneurial chances in the Emirates

Over the past 5 decades, the Emirates grew to become the fourth largest economy in the Middle East. As a desert state, the federation is dependent on products and know-how from abroad.

A house in people’s green: At any price?

A house in the countryside became the dream of many city slickers, especially in pandemic times. As a result, the costs for land, houses and restoration are also increasing massively. A comment by Anja Herberth.

“Textile lightweight solutions are the future”

When we think of textiles, we usually think of clothing - but when processed into smart textiles, basic textile materials can do much more. Smart textiles combine textile and electronic properties and are used, for example, in the fields of sports...

Our homes are changing very slowly – why is that?

Smart building technologies have been available for more than two decades - the sector is now just starting to develop slowly. We take a look at the reasons: Why developments in the building sector have taken so long?