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Laufen: From Gmunden out into the world

Laufen's ceramic kiln was fired with gas for four decades. This is now over: After four years of development, the Gmunden production facility is being converted to an electric tunnel kiln.

Girls in technology: In search of inspiration

The Role Models Initiative of the OVE makes successful girls and women in technology visible. Girls! TechUp role model Hüzüme Erkaptan in an interview about her career path, what drives her and how she masters the challenge.

Ideology is a bad advisor

Ideologies are guiding principles that have become outdated and are in urgent need of an overhaul. Especially in a time of high dynamics and uncertainty, politics is increasingly becoming a pure game of strategy: If you move, you lose.

Energy transition: A marathon, not a sprint

In addition to economic stimulus measures, the Austrian federal government presented the long-announced Renewable Heat Package (EWG). The attempt of placing in context - by Anja Herberth