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Steel scrap: strategic resource could become scarce

Green steel production requires the increased processing of steel scrap - and according to a preliminary study by the Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria (ASCII), this could become a scarce commodity. The future viability of the steel...

Masdar City: Reality beats vision 1:0

The vision sounded promising: Masdar City was to become the Emirates' ecological showcase project. The first match reality vs. vision went 1:0 for reality.

Which engine technologies will prevail?

E-mobility, hydrogen, e-fuels: Which engine makes sense where - and why? What should consumers be prepared for? Science journalist Jens Schröder on useful applications and the interests of lobbying groups.

Floods: Education, awareness, action!

Extreme weather and flooding are on the rise. Susanne Karr talks to Düsseldorf architect Jan Hinnerk Meyer about his concept for a flood competence center and what needs to be done now.

Laufen: From Gmunden out into the world

Laufen's ceramic kiln was fired with gas for four decades. This is now over: After four years of development, the Gmunden production facility is being converted to an electric tunnel kiln.