Der CO2-Fußabdruck gibt an wieviel Kohlendioxid wir durch unsere Aktivitäten freisetzen..

CO2 footprint

The carbon footprint indicates the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by personal activities or by a business or production process.

For example, when people drive a car, fly on vacation by plane, or construct a building. Or when customers buy clothing that is manufactured in faraway countries and transported to Europe. All of this causes CO2 emissions.

Air travel greatly increases our carbon footprint.
Air travel greatly increases our carbon footprint. Credit: Shutterstock

The carbon footprint shows where – i.e. in which areas – the most greenhouse gases are released and where the greatest potential for savings and efficiency measures lies. Climate calculators are online from several organizations (e.g. WWF). They can be used to calculate your own personal carbon footprint or that of an entire company.

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