Vor allem die Chemische Industrie  gehöt zu den energieintensiven Branchen


Energy-intensive products are those whose production or operation requires above-average amounts of energy. The term comes from the noun energy intensity. Among other things, this is also an economic indicator of energy efficiency. Here, the energy consumption of an economy is set in relation to its production output and its overall energy efficiency. It is expressed as the ratio of gross domestic energy consumption to gross domestic product (GDP). Energy-intensive companies are those in which energy costs account for more than 15% of total output or sales.

Energy-intensive sectors of the economy include the steel industry and mineral oil processing, as well as the manufacture of glass, ceramics, paper and cardboard. The chemical and metal industries in particular consume above-average amounts of energy.

Lead image: Steamcracker at BASF’s Ludwigshafen plant, Credit :BASF SE

Wolfgang Korne
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