Elektrotechnik ist noch nicht genügend weiblich.

Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering is an  engineering science that deals with research and development, as well as production, assembly and maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical equipment .

This includes, for example, electrical machines and components,  circuits for the control, measurement, and computer technology or the technical informatics, electrical installation and power engineering.

Electrical engineering also lays the foundation for the  digitization, which is the basis for technological development. The demand for electrical engineers is correspondingly high. Apprenticeships in electrical engineering therefore offer very good opportunities for the future.

Despite the high demand, there is a shortage of skilled workers in this area as well, and indeed worldwide. Particularly among girls and women, the inhibition threshold to choose a technical profession is often still very high.

The proportion of women in technical subjects is still far too low in Central Europe.

The proportion of women in technical subjects is still far too low in Central Europe.

Image: Nicolay Georgiev via Pixelbay

Paradoxically, the difference between female and male graduates in the more equal societies of Central Europe is even greater than, for example, in the Arab states. According to an international study, in Algeria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates, approximately 40 percent of graduates in technical and scientific subjects (STEM subjects), such as electrical engineering, are women. In Norway and Finland, on the other hand, the figure is only 20%. In Austria, too, the female share of graduates  is not even a quarter. 40 percent of the women studying at the Vienna University of Technology come from Southern and Eastern Europe, Arab countries, Turkey and Iran.

So it seems that what is considered a classic female and male profession is not the same in all countries of the world. And it also looks as if the “male” technique is only a Central European prejudice.

In order to prevent the shortage of skilled workers, it is therefore necessary to change this view. The activation and enthusiasm of women also for electrical engineering is one of the most important goals to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

Wolfgang Korne
Author: Wolfgang Korne

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