Das Internet der Dinge ist allumfassend

Internet of Things (IoT for short)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices connected to the Internet. These devices have sensors, collect data and exchange them with each other. They can communicate directly with other smart devices. With the help of artificial intelligence and “machine learning”, new services can be offered that make our everyday lives easier.

The data collected by the sensors is processed and analyzed in the cloud. All connected devices can access it and adjust their actions accordingly.

A large number of these IoT applications can already be found in private households or even in industry: The concept of Industry 4.0 describes the automated, intelligent factory that organizes itself. Communication between machines networks the devices and controls the processes. Another example is agriculture, where highly technological processes are already in use. An example for private use is the control of heating: sensors in a room detect the temperature, a smart thermostat processes this information and regulates the radiators according to the desired target temperature.

Anja Herberth
Author: Anja Herberth

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