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Do you already have a photovoltaic system on your roof? Then you are a so-called “prosumer”: You have gone from being a pure energy consumer to a producer. You should use as much of this cheap, self-produced energy as possible yourself. Selling the electricity to your energy supplier and buying the expensive electricity in the evening doesn’t make much sense, does it? What about energy storage systems? Or has the feed-in just been rejected by the energy supplier – and you don’t know why?

What else can you do to reduce high energy costs? For example, buying energy when it is cheapest. You may already be part of an energy community, or are considering joining. What needs to be considered here? Why are smart meters being installed everywhere? And if even the electricity and energy grid is now going digital, shouldn’t we also be thinking about cyber security? What safety precautions should be taken into account?

If you are currently renovating or starting a new build: What should you pay attention that your buildings and apartments remain fit for the future and retain their value? Because our environment is changing. The earth is becoming increasingly warmer and extreme weather events are on the rise. We see long periods of heat and drought, more heavy rain events and even heavy snowfall. How can we adapt our regions, our homes and our lives to these changes? What concepts are already in place, e.g. to prevent rooms from heating up in the first place or to avoid flooding? And why is the weather having an ever greater influence on the energy industry?

Politicians, banks and insurance companies are also focusing on these issues. In the future, the value of a property will increasingly depend on whether these future issues have been addressed. In this context, another essential question is: Which (upcoming) legal regulations should be observed in order to keep the value of your property stable in the future? After all, buildings are built and renovated to last for many decades. It is essential to act with as much forward-looking thinking as possible. This saves us from having to carry out expensive renovations if we later become aware of errors or failures.

A related topic is how to deal with care: Due to the shortage of skilled nursing staff, care will increasingly take place at home. It is essential to enable people with disabilities and older people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. That’s why we are increasingly focusing on this taboo subject: Assistive technologies and concepts for elderly people and care. In the “Comfort & Safety” channel, we look at solutions and concepts for preparing our living environment with an anticipatory approach.

As you can see: Our homes and lives are currently changing. The dynamics are high, as is the complexity. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of these new technologies and solutions and to make competent decisions.

And this is where we come in: We provide clarity.

We are your compass for living, building and renovating – we keep you on course. Find out about the latest technologies and solutions, what developments are available on the market, where they can be found and how you can best benefit from them. Jobs are also evolving with the new challenges – we are becoming part of the future we are actively shaping.

You can find all this on our platform – in German and English.

Why is this necessary?

Innovations need a new approach: We want to help to make these technologies, which (still) sound so strange to many people, approachable. We want to tell real-life stories to help you make competent decisions.

We believe that technologies will help us solve our enormous challenges. But only if we get involved and learn how to deal with these new technologies. Just as the german publicist Wolf Lotter describes it in his book “Innovation”: “Innovations are the life we still have ahead of us.”

Join us in the exciting world of new living, building and renovation.


Anja Herberth
Founder & Editor in Chief

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Anja Herberth
Author: Anja Herberth

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