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Remote control

Remote control describes the possibility of targeted control or influence on devices machines or other equipment over a certain distance. The control signals can be transmitted mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically or electronically.

As a rule, one speaks of a remote control when the device to be operated is not located in the same housing as its control element. Examples are the switch of a ceiling light, the pull lever of a bicycle brake, or the remote control of a television. In the latter, the connection to the TV set is usually bridged by invisible light in the infrared range, which is modulated according to the desired functions.

Cranes are also often directed via remote control.

Image: PIRO via Pixabay

Digital radio signals are very often used to bridge larger distances. This also applies to the industry. Such radio remote controls are available, for example, for overhead cranes or shunting and small locomotives. Radio-controlled robots are used, for example, to defuse bombs. The range for these radio remote controls is up to 300 m.

In home automation, radio signals can replace wiring. The professional KNX system, for example, can be installed both with radio and wired connections. However, wireless connections can often create faster, simpler, and less expensive installations.

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