Smart Buildings Compass

The Smart Buildings Compass is a guide that leads you through the jungle of smart building products, solutions and services. Building technologies focus on people: They offer us a wide range of options for shaping our lives individually, with comfort and security. This involves much more than just technical “gimmicks.” We consider smart building technology to be learning systems that automatically adapt to our needs and thus make our everyday lives easier. So the heating and lights only turn on when needed, and the garden is only watered when needed – even when I’m not at home. We can all make our contribution to climate protection: By planning, building and renovating our homes intelligently.

Our society will change as a result of progressive aging. Among other things, this will also influence the way we live and reside and possibly change it completely. Today, we can design our lives in a way that allows us to live in our homes for as long as possible. Examples include concepts for accessibility, for controlling the environment, or even alarm functions so people can call for help if they need help.

Intelligent planning also leads to smart assists that enable people with impairments and older people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. A wish that many people have.

Technology helps us solve our biggest challenges – and that’s what makes jobs in these areas so exciting

Many existing and available solutions and products are still completely unknown to end consumers. We want to make these new technologies visible and approachable. With the Smart Buildings compass, we want to tell stories from the field so that you can make a competent decision.

Wolfgang Korne
Author: Wolfgang Korne

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