Smart home zentrale von Bosch

Smart Home control center

The smart home control center is the heart of a smart home – it’s where all the information comes together. It controls the intelligent systems that are networked with it and issues commands to them so that a wide variety of work and tasks can be automated and run without human intervention. Synonyms for “smart home” also include “intelligent home,” “eHome,” and “smart living.”

Smart home control center from Bosch
Here is an example of a smart home control center: The Bosch Smart Home Controller II connects all integrated devices and controls functions, scenarios and automations. Credits: Bosch

Samrt Home control center: Automated control of our home

The functions of individual devices can be operated centrally and coordinated with each other by networking the building technology in a uniform system. A smart home is built on interconnected sensors (e.g., window and door contacts) and devices (shutters, heating, lights) that enable automated control of various components.

This automation offers us many possibilities to control our home in the most resource-saving way possible and to be able to react quickly to changes. In normal operation, for example, the heating is automatically adjusted to the outside temperature or our presence and absence.

Alarm functions notify us of a burglary about when a person is identified in the room when, in fact, the house should be empty. Sensors such as liquid sensors or smoke detectors report a burst water pipe or alert us to a fire.

The connected sensors and devices either run completely automatically or can be controlled via interfaces – such as apps.

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