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Energy transition: A marathon, not a sprint

In addition to economic stimulus measures, the Austrian federal government presented the long-announced Renewable Heat Package (EWG). The attempt of placing in context - by Anja Herberth

Photovoltaics: More capacities needed

Photovoltaics is currently experiencing a massive boom. Nevertheless, the industry is facing major challenges, emphasizes Vera Immitzer, managing director of the Federal Association Photovoltaic Austria in an interview with SmartBuildingsCompass.

Legal aspects of renovation

When renovating buildings, there are numerous laws and regulations in Austria that must be observed. We provide an overview of them.

Misconceptions and reservations related to heat pumps

Heat pumps continue to gain popularity. Nevertheless, there are still many prejudices and myths in the minds of potential users. The Smart Buildings Compass clarifies and addresses the most important reservations.

Wer in Wohnanlagen einen Ladepunkt installieren möchte, muss sich mit den Mitbewohnern arrangieren

Efficiently upgrade buildings

Soil sealing is increasingly becoming a problem. This exacerbates the housing shortage, which is why upgrading existing buildings is needed.