Ein Smart Home kann auch per Smartphone gestuert werden.

Smart Home

Smart home refers to processes and systems for building automation in living spaces and homes. The goal is to increase the quality of living, safety and efficient energy use. Synonyms for “smart home” include “intelligent home” and “eHome.”

The focus is on networked and remotely controllable devices and installations as well as processes that can be automated. In the smart home, functions of individual devices can be operated centrally and coordinated with each other. The Smart Home control center takes over the coordination

A smart home relies on networked sensors and devices. This includes components such as window and door contacts, water detectors, heating, shutters or lights. Smart helpers such as robotic mowers and vacuum cleaners are also integrated.

These devices can be controlled directly from the smartphone. They can be turned on or off via it and certain settings can be changed without having to open an app.

Household appliances such as stove, refrigerator or washing machine can also be integrated. An important aspect is also the entertainment electronics and alarm system functions, which are controlled and monitored from the smart home control center. For example, sensors can also measure hazardous substances such as carbon monoxide and sound the alarm if necessary.

A “smart home” not only provides comfort and security, but also ensures accessibility and supports residents in their everyday lives. It takes over routine tasks and thus saves time. For example, Loxone ‘s smart home solution can even control and monitor pool water quality. Besides, such systems also help save a lot of energy. Up to 50 percent is possible.

However, eHomes do not only have advantages. Because the control panel is usually also connected to the Internet, there is a risk of a hacker attack. A data leak is also conceivable. Depending on the requirements, the purchase can also be a significant burden on the budget.

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